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The Federation Vision Statement

‘Set in the context of our Christian Foundation, the Pinvin Federation of St. Nicholas Church of England Middle School, Pinvin and Pinvin Church of England First School is committed to providing excellence in education, where everyone has the opportunity to develop a love of life -long learning.  Our aim is for all to have the opportunity to excel and that through a strong sense of team and community we can achieve together’

We expect our pupils to be:

  • Confident and enthusiastic
  • Independent
  • Creative thinkers
  • Hard working
  • Caring towards each other
  • The future

We expect our staff to:

  • Be a role model for our pupils
  • Be professional in approach
  • Have high expectations
  • Enjoy learning themselves
  • Be supportive and encouraging
  • Make education fun

We expect our stakeholders to:

  • Be supportive of our Christian values
  • Partners in improving learning
  • Committed to making the Federation a leading establishment of education

Our vision is underpinned through our focus on Rights, Respects and Responsibilities.  A rights-respecting school not only teaches about children’s rights but also models rights and respect in all its relationships: between pupils and adults, between adults themselves and between pupils.  This is central to our ethos and so to our approach to teaching and learning, behaviour and the curriculum itself. Our curriculum philosophy is built on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, in particular, Article 28 (Right to Education), Article 29 (Goals of Education) and Article 30 (Children of minorities/indigenous groups).

Strategic Vision and Aims 2015-19