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Our School Day - During normal school days

This is how our school day goes for Year 5 to Year 7 pupils.

8:40am: School transport arrives: supervised play outside or when wet indoors in hall

8:55am: Registration

9:00am: Lesson 1

9:50am: Lesson 2

10:40am: Break

11:00am: Lesson 3

11:50am: Lesson 4

12:40am: Lunch

1:20pm: Registration

1:25pm: Collective Worship

1:45pm: Maths Meeting

2:05pm: Class Reading

2:35pm: Lesson 5

3.30pm: End of the school day

               School transport children line up in allocated classrooms to be shown onto the school coaches. Please don't   

               forget your homework, PE kit etc!!

...or maybe it's on to one of the after school clubs, or rehearsal for a school production. These generally finish at 4.30pm parents must collect children promptly at the end.